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Dear Friend,
              It’s Dan King here, let me ask you some questions, I want you to be absolutely honest when you answer them:

      • Are you afraid of going to the nightclubs? and you think you can't dance.
      • Do you just sitting down or standing around and watch people having fun when you are in the dance club?
      • Do you ever feel awkward when you try to dance with a girl? you wanted to approach her but you didn't know what to do?
      • Did you ever see a group of beautiful girls dance in a circle on the dance floor? It's called the Circle of Death! Most guys just don't know how to open them or break into their circle.
        So most guys just stare and do nothing, and few guys stand behind the girls and waiting for something to happen. If you are one of those guys then you need to join us, and watch the "Fun Moves No. 5" in the member's area to find out how to break all these Circles of Death...
      • Are you the type of guy who always holding a bottle of beer in front of your chest, and standing on the edge of the dance floor and pretending that you look cool? watching the pretty ladies dancing on the dance floor in the club and hope the girls would come and talk to you, but you stood all night long and you always go home alone?
      • Even worse, the girl of your dreams asked you to dance and you had to turn her down because you were under confident and you did fear that you might embarrass yourself or her?
      • You have noticed that some cool dudes were having a good time with the sexy ladies on the dance floor, you just sitting down and watch, and you were wondering why that never happened to you?
      • The girl that you like was dancing next to you and she was giving you an "Approaching Invitation" look, but you didn't have the confidence to walk up and dance with her?
      • or, you have already learned a couple of dance moves, but you are a one trick pony, you just repeating the same dance move all night long?
      • The DJ suddenly change the song or rhythm, you just couldn't continue to dance because you have limited dance moves?
      • You never want to learn to dance because you think it takes too long to learn?
      • You just think that you have to go to a dance school and take dance lessons in order to learn how to dance?
      • If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, please know, you are NOT alone...
The Solution

I can feel your pain, I was just like that before. But It's NOT your fault that you haven't got a clue how to dance in clubs, especially in a nightclub environment, but there is hope, and the good news is that: You don't need to go through what I have been through, it's unnecessary to spend time in a dance school everyday, and take dance lessons like what I did.

Most of the dance moves that you can learn from the traditional dance teachers or dancing schools are NOT suitable for a club environment. Club Dance is a free style dance, The club dance moves that I am going to share with you in the member' area are simple and easy to learn.

It's the only true CLUB DANCE training video program on the Internet, it contains all 12 Club Dancing Styles, and there are more than 100 different club dance moves, which can truly teach you how to dance in a club.

There are no other dance DVDs, Videos or training programs can teach you that many simple club dance moves on this planet. As soon as you logged into the member's area, you will instantly realized that you have more options and choices than you could ever imagine.

The dance moves that I am going to teach you are NOT long routines, they are individual dance moves, which are suitable for different kind of music in the clubs, you can switch from one move to another move when the DJ changes the song every four minutes.

I deliberately put different dance styles and moves into this unique video program (in the member's area). No matter what your taste is and what your dance style or your physical ability is, you will definitely find some moves that you love to learn in the member's area.

Everything that you need to learn about "How To Dance In A Club for guys" is inside the member's area, It's the world's the one and only genuine CLUB DANCE MOVES video training program.

Knowing how to club dance will make you become the most confident person in the entire club, and the confidence that you gained will make you become the most valuable and attractive person in the venue.

And the good news is: You can learn most of Basic Club Moves in 10 minutes in the member's area.

There are also intermediate level & advanced level moves you can learn too in the member's area, although those moves will take a bit longer time to learn, but you can master the Basic Moves in few minutes, which you can use immediately when you go out tonight. No more time wasting!

What is inside the member's area?
The Basic Moves
The Intermediate Moves
The Advanced Moves
The Hip Hop Moves
The Rave Moves
The Sexy Moves
The Teasing Moves
The Funky Moves
The Cheesy Moves
The Party Moves
The Fun Moves
The Dance off Moves
There are 12 different club dance styles in the member's area:
  • The Basic Moves

    for absolute beginners who have never ever danced or taken any dance lessons before. Excellent for learning basic rhythm.

  • The Intermediate Moves

    for amateur dancers who want to rise to a higher level. Excellent for blending into the club.

  • The Advanced Moves

    for club dance lovers who want to take their clubbing experience to the highest level. Excellent for showing off.

  • The Hip Hop Moves

    for Hip Hop music or slow dance music.

  • The Rave Moves

    for Rave music or very fast beats & very fast club dance music.

  • The Sexy Moves

    for people who want to look sexy on the dance floor.

  • The Teasing Moves

    for teasing and flirting purpose. These are high profile & attention getting moves.

  • The Funky Moves

    for dance floor lovers and party animals who don’t give a damn and do NOT care what other people think.

  • The Cheesy Moves

    for people who just want to have a laugh on the dance floor.

  • The Party Moves

    for dance floor parties or house parties.

  • The Fun Moves

    (Bonus Moves) for dancing with the girls and attracting the girls.

  • The Dance Off Moves

    (Bonus Moves) for dance floor battles and shutting people down with humour.

There are over 100 different club dance moves in the member's area, it's the most comprehensive club dance training program on the entire Internet, you can learn them all, OR, just pick your favorite ones and get practicing...
Who needs it
    • If you want to learn how to dance in a club for beginners.
    • If you want to learn how to dance at a club in 10 minutes.
    • If you want to step onto the dance floor with NO FEAR.
    • If you want to learn the easiest and the simplest club dance moves.
    • If you want to learn club dance step by step.
    • If you want to increase your social abilities in a nightclub.
    • If you want to learn how to dance at a party, this is also for you.
    • If you want to create irresistible charisma on the dance floor.
    • If you want to learn how to dance to any club music.
    • If you want to be the sexiest person in the club.
    • If you want to create instant attraction in everyone's eyes.
    • If you want to learn to dance at the comfort of your own home without going to a dance school.
    • If you want to make more new friends when you go out next time, then you also need this program, guys will constantly trying to befriend you,
      and girls will constantly trying to touch you and chase you, you just can NOT avoid this happen to you once you become the sexiest dude in the club.
    • If you want to pull the hottest girl, but she can NOT hear what you say when the music is super loud in the club, then you definitely need to become a member
      and watch our training videos. Because hot girls are attracted to confident body languages and the way you move, NOT the same old crap that she hears from you
      and other average guys: "Where you from? Do you come here often?"
Who doesn’t need it
    • If you want to learn long routine dance...We don't teach routines or complicated choreography, we only teach single moves or short patterns.
    • If you want to learn technical dance moves, e.g. Back Flips or Somersaults...We don't train you to become a silly dancing monkey like other programs.
    • If you want to learn power moves, e.g. Spin your head on the dance are not Circus Trainers, we don't do anything like that in nightclubs, sorry.
    • If you already knew how to attract hot women in a super loud night club environment, and close the deal, then you may not need to become a member and study our moves.
Why learn from us?
    • This is the only complete how to club dance step by step video product on the entire Internet, and the most comprehensive club dance training program in the world, which contains all the latest and the easiest club dance moves that you ever need when you go out next time. No more time wasting!
    • There are more than 100 different club dance moves (including all 12 club dance styles) in the member's area, each one of them can fit into a particular type of music or rhythm, and different party situation or social environment.
    • In the member's area, the full length videos starts with the foundation steps, then cover all ability levels from Basic through Intermediate to Advanced level.
    • This program guarantees to triple your confidence level in the super loud nightclub environment...
    • This program guarantees that you can learn how to dance in a club within 10 minutes of watching the basic move videos
    • This program guarantees that you can learn the skills that you need to pull the hottest girl on the super loud dance floor...
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